2047 functional combinations, 11+ modules.

Targeted News

Highlight the latest news, announcements and broadcast communications within your company.

Apps Center

Organize business processes into discrete apps that
each serve a unique purpose and allow users to
choose which ones are relevant to them.

Social Feed (Yammer)

We have mastered the art of Yammer integration. Yammer has been tied into the foundation of our Digital Workplace Suite since the beginning, which allows you access to the social features from various pages on your digital workplace.

Personalized Search

AI driven cognitive search delivers a higly relevant information access: People, Documents, Communications, Knowledge and more.

Conversational experiences (Chatbot)

Allow the user to query and interact in natural language while looking for content. A human dialogue interface, rather than the menus of the past.

Augmented Learning

Efficiently handle, share, and distribute knowledge and resources within the organization. Enable collaboration and learning by connecting employees to relevant subject matter experts.

Insights provider

Provides proactive recommendations taking into account the context of the user or a task the user is working on.

Data Analytics

Measure engagement in your digital workplace, and have the data to make smart decisions about future adoption.