Digital Workplace tailored for Microsoft 365

Save time with Exalt, an easy-to-use modular solution that fuels digital transformation within your company. Deliver your digital workplace in less than 30 minutes.

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Provide employees right information at the right time

Target content to employees based on location, business unit they are part of and their role. Let employees around the world see each other through photos and videos and help inform others about events going on in the company. It can spread great vibes and inspiration through your organization.

Help employees connect and communicate with each other

Help discover information or resources, employees may not otherwise have known about, or connect with like-minded people from other groups, teams or regions through Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

Promote productivity while maintaning control over data

Integrate search that allows employees to search across Office 365 services in one go. User-centric approach puts your employee in control by providing the ability to customize the digital workplace to meet their specific needs is an important aspect of the modern digital workplace.

Perform meaningful analysis of data for effective decision making

Deliver both personal and organizational insights, discover new stories, spot trends, and make forecasts - help save time by focusing on high value activities.

Deliver user-centric digital workplace.

(In less than 30 mins)

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